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Hello There!

     My name is Lyndsey Lamell and some of you may already know me.  Firstly I would like to Thank You for your interest in my work. My passion for photography started back when I was in high school in the mid-90's. (shhhh I'm 32 forever!) 

     I am originally from a little town in the Heart of New England just outside of a Vermont's largest mountain, Mt. Mansfield.  It's a whopping 4,393ft in elevation at its peak. Hills I tell ya.  As you all know Vermont is famous for its Maple Syrup and I make it tradition to cook sugar on snow every 1st snowfall of the year (well, any big snowfall makes for a good excuse).  It is known as the Green Mountain State and believe it or not, Nelly - that lake monster in Europe - doesn't have anything on Champ, the real Lake Monster living in Vermont's largest body of water, Lake Champlaine...

     Home base for me these days is Southwest Colorado in a little town just south of Durango called Ignacio.  That's "iG-Nah-SHE-O" if you are a local. It reminds me of where I grew up only on a very larger scale. It's WAYYYY bigger, more vast, and higher up... The weather is far more pleasant and where as Vermont has "Milkin' Cows", Colorado has "Beef Cattle". 

     I have lived in so many places throughout the US for many different reasons...  Horses usually being at the top of the list, snowboarding & beaches are co-runners up... I enjoy fly fishing, hiking, camping, sewing, painting, reading, and lots of domestic activities however this amazing journey in life has shoved me behind that of the Camera Lens as of late and what you are seeing here is a direct result. If there's something you would like to ask me shoot me a email or text. I look forward to hearing from you!




(970) 317.5934

The Crew...



Hi, My name is Asia Joy Hunter. I am one of Lyndsey’s photographers. A little bit about me: Since I was a little girl, I have always been drawn to horses. In my late teens, I was blessed with the opportunity to own and care for three pretty AQHA ponies. What began as a desire to capture fun family moments with our horses, quickly developed into a passion. The journey from cell phone snapshots to hi-res photography has been an amazing ride and learning experience. I look forward to many more years.




Lea Leggitt is an avid western lifestyle and rodeo photographer based in southwest Colorado. She is also a conservation and agriculture advocate for her home-state. She is passionate about keeping the western traditions alive through her photography work. You can check her out at Legit Outdoors on Facebook and Instagram.





"Hey Guys! My name is Teah Byrd. I was born and raised in Florence, MS. Growing up I did a lot of sports and worked at home on the farm. Today, I raise my own herd and have a passion for photography. I’ve been in the photography business for about 3 years. With the love of God I have been blessed by my family and clients that have helped me through my business. Super excited to see what the new year brings!"




Henry is a event, sports and fitness photographer based in Arizona. He enjoys traveling with his significant other, staying active, and capturing moments of people doing amazing things!



2022 Schedule

AZCHA Jan: 01/05/22 to 01/09/22 - Queen Creek, AZ

Outback January 19-23 - Tucson, AZ

AZCHA Feb: 02/02/22 to 02/06/22 - Queen Creek, AZ

AZCHA Feb: 02/23/22 to 02/27/22 - Queen Creek, AZ

Outback March 17-20-Temecula, CA --CANCELLED--

AZCHA Mar: 03/30/22 to 04/03/22 - Queen Creek, AZ

El Rancho Spring Classic: 4/27/22 - 5/1/22 - Rancho Murieta, CA

Outback May 4-8 - Temecula, CA 

AZCHA May: 05/12/22 to 05/15/22 - Queen Creek, AZ

MWPH Retreat: 06/13/22 to 06/20/22 -Colorado-

NMCHA June: 6/22/22 to 6/26/22 - Montrose, CO

Outback June 30 - July 3 - Watsonville, CA - CANCELLED

Spring Hollow REC: 07/08/22 to 07/10/22 - Hesperus, CO

July 10th Through August 5th - INQUIRE FOR AVAILABILITY HERE

CALIFORNIA - August 11-14 - Paso Robles, CA

NMCHA September: 9/15/22 to 9/18/22 - Moriarty, NM

Outback October 13-16 - Paso Robles, CA

AZCHA Oct: 10/19/22 to 10/23/22 - Queen Creek, CA

Oct 17th - 30th The Southern Futurity -  Jackson, MS 

Outback November 3-6 - Tucson, AZ

AZCHA Nov: 11/09/22 to 11/13/22 - Queen Creek, AZ

World Finals Coverage for NCHA Sponsor - Fort Worth, TX


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