TLC Productions-Inauguration Show 2021

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lamellphoto 2022 Schedule

AZCHA Jan: 01/05/22 to 01/09/22

Outback January 19-23-Tucson (6 days)

AZCHA Feb: 02/02/22 to 02/06/22 

AZCHA Feb: 02/23/22 to 02/27/22 

Outback March 17-20-Tucson 

AZCHA Mar: 03/30/22 to 04/03/22 

Outback May 4-8 Temecula (5 days)

AZCHA May: 05/12/22 to 05/15/22

**NMCHA June: 6/22/22 to 6/26/22** Montrose, CO

Outback June 30 - July 3 Watsonville

Aug 11th - 21st West Texas Futurity Amarillo, TX

Outback August 24-28 Watsonville Futurity (5 days) 

**NMCHA September: 9/15/22 to 9/18/22** Moriarty, NM

Outback October 13-16 Paso Robles 

AZCHA Oct: 10/19/22 to 10/23/22

Oct 17th - 30th The Southern Futurity Jackson, MS 

Outback November 3-6 Tucson

AZCHA Nov: 11/09/22 to 11/13/22

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