Outback Cuttings - Chris Brown Memorial

ALL PHOTOS are batch edited. So, when you order, all photos are polished off and finished upon purchase!

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2023 Schedule - LAMELLPHOTO.com

1.4.23 – 1.8.23 AZCHA – Queen Creek

1.26.23 – 1.29.23 Outback @ WES – Blue Ridge

2.1.23 – 2.5.23 AZCHA

2.16.23 – 2.19.23 Outback @ WES

2.22.23 – 2.26.23 AZCHA

3.2.23 – 3.5.23 Outback @ WES

3.3.23 – 3.5.23 Buntin & Smith Clinic – Temecula, CA

4.5.23 – 4.9.23 AZCHA

4.27.23 – 4.30.23 Outback @ WES

4.27.23 – 5.1.23 El Rancho Spring Classic – Rancho Murieta, CA

5.11.23 – 5.14.23 AZCHA

5.17.23 – 5.21.23 Southwest Cuttings Mother’s Day Show – Temecula, CA

5.18.23 – 5.21.23 Outback @ WES

5.24.23-5.28.23 - WSRHA - Montrose, CO

6.8.23 – 6.11.23 Outback @ WES

6.29.23 – 7.2.23 Outback @ WES

7.13.23-7.16.23 WSRHA - Montrose, CO

8.10.23 – 8.13.23 Outback @ WES

9.9.23 – 9.18.23 Tentative Event

9.14.23 – 9.17.23 Outback @ WES

10.3.23 – 10.8.23 Southwest Cuttings – Temecula, CA

10.19.23 10.28.23 The Southern Futurity – Jackson, MS

10.19.23 – 10.22.23 Outback @ WES

10.18.22 – 10.22.23 AZCHA

10.26.23-10.29.23 WSRHA -FUTURITY FALL SHOW - Montrose, CO

11.8.23 – 11.12.23 AZCHA

11.9.23 – 11.12.23 Outback

11.15.23 – 1.1.24 – Private Treaty – or vacation…BR/ITLY/KEN 

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