Lyndsey Lamell Photography

Specializing in Equine Photgraphy, Family & Pet Photography, Fine Art & Composition Works. Currently based in Ignacio, Colorado. Serving CO, AZ, CA, NM, UT, MS, TX & across the USA.

ALL PHOTOS are batch edited. So, when you order, all photos are polished off and finished upon purchase!

Eyes & Ears can be fixed JUST ASK! - YOU MUST text me when you order!!! 970.317.5934BIG



Ears can be fixed, Eyes can be opened & if you see a little motion blur on your horses nose or face that can be corrected too! FOR FREE - call or send me a text anytime! 970.317.5934

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World Finals Coverage for NCHA Sponsor - TBA - Fort Worth, TX

2023 DATES

Buntin & Smith - The Cutting Horse Experience  March 3rd-5th - Temecula, CA

El Rancho Spring Classic: 4/27/23 - 5/1/23 - Rancho Murieta, CA

SouthWest Cuttings Mother's Day Show - 5/1723 - 5/21/23 - Temecula, CA

SouthWest Cuttings Mother's Day Show - 10/3/23 - 10/8/23  - Temecula, CA

9/9/23 - 9/18/23 - TENTATIVELY BOOKED

The Southern Futurity - 10/19/23 - 10/28/23 -  Jackson, MS 

Outback Cuttings @ The WES Arena in Blue Ridge:

January 26-29

February 16-19

March 2 - 5 

April 27 - 30

May 18 - 21

June 8 - 11

June 29 - July 2

Aug 10 - 13

Sept 14 - 17 

Oct 19 - 22

Nov 9 - 12

Tentatively AZCHA 2023 Shows:

Jan 4 - 8 

Feb 1 - 5 

Feb 22 - 26

Apr 5 - 9

May 11 - 14

Oct 18 - 22

Nov 8 - 12

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