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11.4.21 Outback Cuttings Fall Cutting - Tucson, AZ

10.21.21 The Southern Cutting Futurity - Jackson, MS

9.16.21 AVA/USEF Vaulting National Championships - Hesperus, CO

8.25.21 Outback Cuttings Futurity - Watsonville CA

8.14.21 West Texas Futurity - Amarillo, TX

7.1.21 Firecracker Show - Watsonville, CA

6.24.21 Chris Brown Memorial - Temecula, CA

6.6.21 Buffalo Arena Roping - Durango, CO

5.25.21 Memorial Day Cutting - Farwell, TX

5.6.21 Wine Country Cutting - Temecula, CA

3.30.21 TLC Inauguration - Duchesne, UT

3.18.21 March Madness - Queen Creek, AZ

2.24.21 Wild West Show - Queen Creek, AZ

10.31.20 Bulls & Boos Halloween - Ignacio, CO

9.19.20 Nate Miller Cutting - Lamar, CO


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