We here at Lamell Photo are so excited to be working with the local company Spoke Sound, here in the Durango area!   

I welcome you to explore the new addition to your options of



brought to you by www.Spoke-Sound.com

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About The Artwork

This amazing product will brighten up any home or workspace and is perfect for a little music in bed when you wake up, it is great for outdoor areas when hosting parties, in dining rooms, kitchens and other fun areas of the house. Coming standard at a gallary wrapped (1.5" thick) it will draw the eyes of everyone in the room (and thats before you turn the speaker on!). Hand streched with care, love and passion.

About the Speaker

Fitted with our proprietary distributed mode loudspeaker technology, this photograph is one that won't go unnoticed. Our speakers play brilliant, room filling sound while being completely hidden behind this photo. Since we are in Beta testing phase we are giving you a bunch of options to choose from. They are size (16x20, 20x30, 24x24, 30x40), connectivity (Bluetooth or Wifi&Bluetooth), power (rechargable battery or a power chord).

About Us (Spoke-Sound)

We are a small startup out of Durango, Colorado. Our founder, Will Bodewes, is a young entrepreneuer who has spent years working with audio and perfecting DML speakers. Our team is inspired by beauty, quality and longevity. We have passion for great audio and are on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place. We have put a ton of time and effort into making this product as awesome as possible and are so excited you are considering it. So, here is a big THANK YOU from all of us at the Spoke Sound team.



General Specs

Bluetooth Version: 5.0 Bluetooth Range: up to 30 meters (100 ft)

Mono or Stereo Wireless pairing (Wifi Only) Multiroom listening (Wifi Only) Charging Chord Wall mounting kit

Technical Wifi Speaker Specs

Power: 20 watts RMS Music Format

FLAC/MP3/AAC/AAC+/ALAC/APE/WAV Audio Decode Up to 24bit/192kHz Audio Output 44.1khz/16bits, optimal quality

DML - black line

Cone Speakers - dotted red


Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DML)

Distributed mode loudspeakers use bending wave physics to produce sound from a large surface. Our speakers work by creating resonance in a carefully selected foam core backing that sits behind your picture. This method distributes sound throughout the surface, emitting sound at 180°. DML technology's uniform sound distribution helps prevent echoing and evenly fills a room with sound.

Lamell Photo is very excited to introduce this amazing product from Spoke-Sound!

You will find museum quality print on canvas with an audio sound that far exceeds your expectations. Both the bluetooth & Wi-Fi options are great & the Wi-Fi option offers an app to tie in all of your music accounts in one place. There is even the option to go battery powered so having it become a mobile speaker opens the door to possibilities. Connectivity up to 27 speakers throughout the house or barn! Look for and listen to these awesome speakers at our booth during your next event, or drop by the cabin sometime in Ignacio for a demo!

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2023 Schedule - LAMELLPHOTO.com

1.4.23 – 1.8.23 AZCHA – Queen Creek

1.26.23 – 1.29.23 Outback @ WES – Blue Ridge

2.1.23 – 2.5.23 AZCHA

2.16.23 – 2.19.23 Outback @ WES

2.22.23 – 2.26.23 AZCHA

3.2.23 – 3.5.23 Outback @ WES

3.3.23 – 3.5.23 Buntin & Smith Clinic – Temecula, CA

4.5.23 – 4.9.23 AZCHA - Queen Creek, AZ

4.27.23 – 5.1.23 El Rancho Spring Classic – Rancho Murieta, CA

5.11.23 – 5.14.23 AZCHA - Queen Creek, AZ

5.17.23 – 5.21.23 Southwest Cuttings Mother’s Day Show – Temecula, CA

5.24.23-5.28.23 - WSRHA - Montrose, CO

6.2.23 - 6.4.22 - Clements Cutting Club - Corning, CA

6.13.23 - 6.16.23 - Clarke Butte Ranch Sesh - Redmond, OR

6.20.23 - 6.25.23 - Tessa's Sesh - Lincoln, CA

6.26.23-6.28.23 - Lincoln, CA

6.30.23 - 7.2.23 WSRHA - Rifle, CO

7.6.23 - 7.8.23 - Double R Cutting - Rancho Murieta, CA

8.16.23 - 8.20.23 - Clements cutting Club - Paso Robles, CA

8.28.23 - 9.5.23 Making The Cascades - A Media Event - Redmond, OR

9.6.23 – 9.18.23 The Cascades Futurity - Redmond, OR

10.3.23 – 10.8.23 Southwest Cuttings – Temecula, CA

10.12.23 - Fresian Keuring - Queen Creek, AZ

10.18.22 – 10.22.23 AZCHA - Queen Creek, AZ

10.19.23 10.28.23 The Southern Futurity – Jackson, MS

10.25.23-10.28.23 WSRHA -FUTURITY FALL SHOW - Montrose, CO

11.8.23 – 11.12.23 AZCHA

11.15.23 – 1.1.24 – Private Treaty Commissions Available. 

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